Hawthorn Resources Limited (Hawthorn) is an Australian diversified base metal and gold explorer with significant strategic tenement holdings throughout Western Australia.

LATEST NEWS  - 23 June 2022


23 June 2022

Overview: Form 604 - Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Shareholder

PROJECT - Anglo Saxon


Anglo Saxon

Overview: The most advanced of Hawthorn Resources gold prospects is Anglo Saxon, which is 140 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie. The project has 23 KOZs (0.9 tonnes of gold) in an Indicated status, within a 140 KOZs (3.9 tonnes) resource – based on over 400 drill holes. Previous mining by open pit produced about 45 KOZs (1.5 tonnes).



PROJECTS - Mount Bevan


Mount Bevan

Overview: The Mount Bevan Project comprising Exploration Licences 29/510 and 29/713 is located approximately 100 kilometres west of Leonora in the central Yilgarn region of Western Australia.



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Ceased exploration of the project area.

Deep South and Box Well
The tenement interests have been disposed of


Hawthorn Resources Limited (Hawthorn) has a strong portfolio of five gold exploration projects and one iron ore prospect – in a joint venture with Legacy Iron Ore - on strategic tenement holdings throughout Western Australia.

Hawthorn has embarked on aggressive drilling and development programs on the five gold exploration projects.

Hawthorn holds in its own right, has earned or is earning equity from joint venture partners in over 100 granted exploration, mining and prospecting licences and applications.

The company believes that each of the major project areas, in close proximity to milling and transport infrastructure, hold both excellent potential for exploration development in the near future.

These major projects cover two distinct areas:

•  A near contiguous part of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia extending from the south shore of Lake Carey to the historic Pinjin Mining Centre – a strike extent of approximately 125 kilometres. Hawthorn’s tenement package is surrounded by major gold mines, deposits and advanced resources including Sunrise Dam, Wallaby, Red October, Carosue Dam, Safari Bore, Deep South, Porphyry and Butchers Well Mines. The gold endowment of these mines and resources currently exceeds 22 million ounces.

•  A contiguous group of 15 tenements (“Whiteheads”) covering the historic Gindalbie Mining Centre that surrounds the Lindsay’s gold resource of Carrick Gold (0.33 million ounce gold resource), only 50 kilometres from the mining infrastructure hub of Kalgoorlie.

Over 20 million ozs (570 tonnes) of gold has been extracted/delineated in this region to date.