Hawthorn Resources Limited (Hawthorn) is an Australian diversified base metal and gold explorer with significant strategic tenement holdings throughout Western Australia.

LATEST NEWS  - 14 March 2020


14 March 2020

Overview: FY20 First Half Financial Report

PROJECT - Anglo Saxon


Anglo Saxon

Overview: The most advanced of Hawthorn Resources gold prospects is Anglo Saxon, which is 140 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie. The project has 23 KOZs (0.9 tonnes of gold) in an Indicated status, within a 140 KOZs (3.9 tonnes) resource – based on over 400 drill holes. Previous mining by open pit produced about 45 KOZs (1.5 tonnes).

PROJECT - Deep South


Deep South

Overview: The project area lies directly along strike to the south of Deep South Mine, approximately 170 kilometres to the north-east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Hawthorn holds tenements in this area in Joint Venture, with Alacer Gold.

PROJECTS - Mount Bevan


Mount Bevan

Overview: The Mount Bevan Project comprising Exploration Licences 29/510 and 29/713 is located approximately 100 kilometres west of Leonora in the central Yilgarn region of Western Australia.

PROJECTS - Edjudina



Overview: This project is located 145 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie and is hosted by a series of gold mineralisation of strike parallel quartz veins. Three major, distinct and separate quartz vein sets host most of the known gold mineralisation in the project area.

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(Hawthorn Resources 80%, Alacer Gold 20%)

The project area lies directly along a strike to the south of Deep South Mine, approximately 170 kilometres to the north-east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.  Hawthorn holds tenements in this area in Joint Venture, with Alacer Gold Corporation.

Hawthorn has identified a gold mineralised horizon analogous to the adjacent Deep South gold orebodies (Indicated and Inferred Resource - 279,000 oz Au) of Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited, situated immediately along the strike of the Hawthorn Resources tenements.  

Saracen Mineral Holdings recommenced production in the adjacent Deep South Opencut gold mine during 2012 and undertook a Feasibility Study which defined an underground reserve of 116,000 ounces. In light of falling gold price, Saracen announced in June this development had been put on hold until 2015, unless there is a sustained increase in gold price sooner.

Mineralisation in the project area is hosted in distinctive zones of quartz-carbonate-pyrrhotite-pyrite-magnetite veining and can host high grade gold mineralisation that extends to near surface in Hawthorn’s tenements.

Recent drilling at the Deep South Project area was designed to infill previously announced gold mineralisation at the Central Prospect at 20 and 40 metre line spacing  and to test previously undrilled areas between the Central and Southern Prospects at 200 metre line spacing on the main mineralised horizon which extends for over 2.5 kilometres of strike.

The recent drilling at the Central Prospect in-filled, shallow, near surface gold mineralisation results which include:

  • 5.0 metres @ 2.23 g/t Au from 14-19 metres – DSC070,
  • 3.0 metres @ 2.89 g/t Au from 49-52 metres – DSC071,
  • 3.0 metres @ 8.13 g/t Au from 81-84 metres – DSC072,
  • 17.0 metres @ 2.35 g/t Au from 2-19 metres – DSC073,
  • 12.0 metres @ 2.47 g/t Au from 37-49 metres – DSC074,
  • 1.0 metre @ 10.84 g/t Au from 24-25 metres – DSC075
  • 2.0 metres @ 3.35 g/t Au from 53-56 metres – DSC076,
  • 4.0 metres @ 2.90 g/t Au from 33-37 metres – DSC077,
  • 2.0 metres @ 4.01 g/t Au from 53-55 metres – DSC078,
  • 2.0 metres @ 1.79 g/t Au from 19-21 metres – DSC079,
  • 1.0 metre @ 4.49 g/t Au from 49-50 metres – DSC080,
  • 2.0 metres @ 2.86 g/t Au from 33-35 metres – DSC081,
  • 1.0 metre @ 6.07 g/t Au from 83-84 metres – DSC082,

Each hole in the most recent program intercepted the target mineralised horizon and the broad, near surface results in DSC073 and DSC074 enhance the potential for exploitation of the area via a small open pit, while the high grade intercept in DSC072 further defines a high grade gold shoot that may also be exploitable by subsequent underground mining.

Exploration to the south of the Central Prospect has intersected gold mineralisation in seven of the fences drilled to date over 1.5 kilometres of strike. These intercepts confirm both the continuity of the target mineralised horizon over significant strike – and as demonstrated at the Central Prospect potentially economic gold mineralised zones can be developed within this horizon with further drilling.