Hawthorn Resources Limited (Hawthorn) is an Australian diversified base metal and gold explorer with significant strategic tenement holdings throughout Western Australia.

LATEST NEWS  - 23 June 2022


23 June 2022

Overview: Form 604 - Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Shareholder

PROJECT - Anglo Saxon


Anglo Saxon

Overview: The most advanced of Hawthorn Resources gold prospects is Anglo Saxon, which is 140 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie. The project has 23 KOZs (0.9 tonnes of gold) in an Indicated status, within a 140 KOZs (3.9 tonnes) resource – based on over 400 drill holes. Previous mining by open pit produced about 45 KOZs (1.5 tonnes).



PROJECTS - Mount Bevan


Mount Bevan

Overview: The Mount Bevan Project comprising Exploration Licences 29/510 and 29/713 is located approximately 100 kilometres west of Leonora in the central Yilgarn region of Western Australia.



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This project is located 145 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie and is hosted by a series of gold mineralisation of strike parallel quartz veins. Three major, distinct and separate quartz vein sets host most of the known gold mineralisation in the project area.

The project area, approximately 145 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie and in close proximity to existing mining operations and active ore haul roads, covers a series strike of parallel quartz veins. Three major, distinct and separate quartz vein sets (“Reef 1, 2 & 3” indicated on the map to the right) host most of the known gold mineralisation in the project area. The key area of focus is covered by a granted Mining Lease.

Historic gold production of 33,215 oz @ 46.9 g/t of gold from this prospect was sourced from four major underground mines developed on these quartz lodes over a strike length of 1.4 kilometres between 1898 and 1939.

Historic exploration and development by Paget Gold Mining Company Limited in 1983 resulted in an estimated remaining underground Proven and Probable Reserve (to 160 metres from surface) of 195,500 tonnes @ 12.4 g/t Au (75,000 oz Au).

Drilling completed to date on the granted Edjudina Mining Lease has been focussed beneath and along strike of the Senate Mine (10,398 oz of Au produced from 6942 tonnes of ore) where historic drive sampling and drill intercepts of two of the parallel reef horizons (“Reef 2 and 3”) returned:

  • 0.47 metres @ 157.0 g/t Au at 35 metres vertical depth
  • 3.00 metres @   11.3 g/t Au at 66 metres vertical depth
  • 0.25 metres @ 189.2 g/t Au at 132 metres vertical depth

below and within the historic mine workings.

Drilling by Hawthorn to date is considered significant as drill sections to the south, immediately to the north and beneath the excavated Senate Mine Lodes have returned very high gold grades at relatively shallow depths including: 

  • 2.0 metres @ 15.75 g/t Au from 36-38 metres - EDC006,
  • 4.0 metres @ 4.28 g/t Au from 54-58 metres – EDC017,
    • (including 1.0 metre @ 10.26 g/t Au),
  • 2.0 metres @ 4.32 g/t Au from 87-89 metres – EDC018,
  • 1.0 metres @ 6.01 g/t Au from 62-63metres – EDC022,
  • 4.0 metres @ 6.03 g/t Au from 40-44 metres – EDC028, and
  • 2.0 metres @ 20.29 g/t Au from 108-110 metres – EDC033,
    • (including 1.0 metre @ 39.5 g/t Au)

These results have confirmed that the main gold ore bearing lode in the Senate Mine area appears to be the quartz – carbonate Reef 2 system, which flattens in dip with depth. Reef 2 has been intersected in most holes drilled in the vicinity of the Senate Mine shaft, with over 300 metres of gold mineralised strike intersected to date. Some resampling of existing drilling is required as several samples of holes in the Reef 2 position reported strongly enhanced results in initial sampling with respect to the results reported above. 

Drilling and sampling carried out to date confirms that well-defined, high-grade gold lodes exist in this area. Drilling to further define these lodes and potentially identify a mineable high-grade gold resource amenable to open-cut and / or underground exploitation will be carried out in the upcoming year.