Located on Mining Lease  M31/481 held 100% by Hawthorn.

Hawthorn Resources Limited (ASX:HAW) is an Australian Stock This A single lease on the Triumph-Edjudina Greenstone belt, host to numerous old underground gold operations in the Triumph-Neta line of prospects. It is located about 145 kilometres north east of Kalgoorlie, and about 35 kilometres north -west from the Anglo Saxon gold mine.

Historic production records indicate 33,215 ounces gold at a grade of 46.9g/t . It was produced between 1898-1939. This was won from four shafts exploiting narrow but high grade quartz vein lodes. More recently in 1983 Paget Mining completed drilling both from surface and underground and estimated a resource of 195,500 tonnes at 12.4 g/t gold, about 75,000 ounces. This was the aggregate tonnage based on a number of shafts and three parallel quartz reefs. More recent exploration by Hawthorn has focussed on testing narrow lode quartz veins  mined from the Senate shaft. Best intersections were 0.47 metres @ 157 g/t gold at 35 metres vertical depth, 3.0 metres @ 11.3 g/t gold from 66 vertical metres depth and 0.25 metres @ 189.2 g/t from 132 metres vertical depth. These encouraging results were followed up by further Reverse Circulation drill holes with lode widths of about 2 metres and grades of between 4-6 g/t with a few exceptional holes grading 15-20 g/t over 2 metre widths in the quartz carbonate lodes below the Senate shaft. This shaft exploited Reef 2.

In 2020 Gibb River Diamonds reported discovering a number of shallow lodes north along strike of the Senate shaft that they termed the Neta lode. Follow up drilling further west of Neta demonstrated a narrow lode system they referred to as Calvert. Hawthorn conducted a small program of reverse circulation drilling along strike of the area but only recorded narrow lode widths of low grade. The highest grade being 4 g/t over a narrow section of the Calvert lode,  which did not extend into the adjoining drill holes. Future drilling will comprise in-fill holes along the Senate lode, on strike of the Gibb River Neta shaft.