Hancock exec says Cook’s California dream may mean higher emissions

29th May 2024 • News

Australian Financial Review MAY 22, 2024 Reporter – Vesna Poljak The head of projects at Hancock Prospecting says a plan to make Western Australia the “California of Australia” was riddled with regulatory shortcomings that will hold back the transition to green steel. Sanjiv Manchanda, one of the most senior executives inside Gina Rinehart’s private mining […]

Cook says magnetite will make WA the ‘California of Australia’

20th May 2024 •

Australian Financial Review MAY 20, 2024 Reporter – Tom Rabe West Australian Premier Roger Cook is eager to capitalise on the shift of political and economic power across the Nullarbor, saying his state’s ore riches would fuel a future built on green steel, making it the “California of Australia”. The Labor leader said Peter Dutton’s […]

Rio Tinto’s stealth moves in WA lithium grab

19th September 2023 •

Australian Financial Review SEPTEMBER 18, 2023 Reporter – Brad Thompson Rio Tinto has quietly entered the lithium land grab unfolding in Western Australia as it looks to secure its future in battery minerals, racking up exploration tenements spanning more than 145,000 hectares in the red-hot jurisdiction that has minted billionaires and fanned takeover battles. The […]

Hancock lines up lithium deal with India

30th June 2023 •

Business News JUNE 15, 2023 Reporter – Simone Grogan Gina Rinehart ’s company has struck a joint venture with two explorers focused on a new lithium development against the backdrop of the billionaire’s recent meeting with the Indian Prime Minister. Legacy Iron Ore, which is backed by major Indian iron ore producer NMDC Limited, and […]

Rinehart lashes WA heritage laws proposal amid miner, farming anger

26th June 2023 •

Australian Financial Review JUNE 23, 2023 Reporter – Brad Thompson Gina Rinehart says adding a granny flat to a large backyard could be held up by Indigenous heritage laws set to come into effect in Western Australia next month, warning it is not just miners and farmers who will be caught up by the change. […]

Ground Breakers: Iron ore squillionaire Gina Rinehart wants to sell our lithium to India

15th June 2023 •

STOCKHEAD JUNE 15, 2023 Gina Rinehart is looking to move from investor to miner in bid to supply India with lithium The iron ore magnate is the latest corporate giant to move into the EV metal Materials sector muted but Fortescue goes bang on iron ore price run Gina Rinehart is worth approximately a totopatrillion […]

Rinehart, Modi in private talks as India eyes WA lithium assets

24th May 2023 •

Australian Financial Review MAY 23, 2023 Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart had talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sydney on Tuesday as his government eyes investments in critical minerals in Australia. Mrs Rinehart, Australia’s richest person, is a long-time fan of Mr Modi and India has made no secret of its desire to secure […]

India’s NMDC eyes WA lithium partnerships with Hancock Prospecting and others

22nd May 2023 •

The West Australian MAY 19, 2023 India’s biggest iron ore miner is believed to be closing in on a partnership in WA lithium with Gina Rinehart as the nation looks to scale up quickly in battery minerals to aid its ambitious electric vehicle plans. Executives of the Indian Government-owned NMDC (formerly the National Mineral Development […]